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Stillspirits Top Shelf products offer a wide range of high-quality, well-crafted spirits that are sure to please any palate. They are carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients and age-old distillation techniques to create a truly unique and flavorful experience. Whether you are looking for a smooth single malt whisky or a bold and full-bodied bourbon, Stillspirits Top Shelf products will not disappoint. With their commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Stillspirits Top Shelf products are sure to make any gathering or special occasion even more memorable.


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8 reviews for Schnapps

  1. m

    Used to flavor neutral grain alcohol, brought or home made. I also have a 5 liter oak aging barrel which is full of apple brandy now (makes 1.75l per bottle). Cracking that baby open on Thanksgiving and the winter Holidays.So the taste, the flavor as it is before aging, strong apple notes that give in to a distinctive brandy flavor, very nice mix of tastes.

  2. AZ Redhead

    What I thought I was getting and what I actually received are two different things. I needed a cup of Apple Brandy for a recipe. This bottle was barely 1/4 cup! Looks can be deceiving. I should have looked at the amount in the bottle but I’m not sure that would have helped since it was in mls instead of ounces. It was actually my bad for not doing more research but since Amazon has everything, I thought this would be the answer to my needs for the recipe I was making!

  3. Gumuf

    Only needed a tablespoon for my recipe and didn’t have to buy a large bottle.

  4. Tyler Hall

    Y’all …. This is brandy “concentrate”. It comes in a bottle smaller than the size of your hand. I had no idea. I tried to taste a little when I was cooking a dish — and almost dry heaved my stomach and throat out of my body.This is NOT a normal size bottle of brandy. This is NOT a tiny size bottle of normal brandy.This is a minuscule bottle of brandy concentrate and it will knock your socks off if you don’t dilute it.It has a great aroma and flavor — READ THE LABEL and don’t make assumptions like I did!!! Be safe!

  5. Yazdan Ahmed

    super small and then no return

  6. kfb

    Do not recommend, I had to re-run to get the poor flavor out of the product

  7. O. Tye

    What a joke. I returned it. Amazon should allow third party vendors place misleading ads like this.

  8. marty keller

    It is advertised as Top Shelf Apple Brandy, then turns out to be a flavoring that can’t be returned!

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