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The Turbo 500 Alcohol Still is a revolutionary piece of distilling equipment that allows you to produce your own high-quality spirits, liqueurs, and essential oils in the comfort of your own home. With its innovative design and user-friendly features, the Turbo 500 has quickly become the go-to choice for amateur and professional distillers alike. This short description will provide an overview of the Turbo 500 Alcohol Still and its features, so you can decide for yourself if it’s the ideal distilling solution for your needs


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3 reviews for T500 Still

  1. Andre L

    This thing rocks. Plain and simple

  2. Wolfboy

    I love it makes the best essential oils ever, this is a follow up to previous review, the product is great, just to let folks know the clean up and start up takes a little bit of time, so be aware of that, start up about a hour, clean up about the same or maybe a little more, you can leave it together and put it away but it will surely change the next batch you run, flavor or smell, other than that it’s a fabulous product

  3. Linda

    This thing is so finicky, it has to be running between 122-149* F. It comes with a needle valve to control the cooling water, it’s impossible to keep it in the proper range, even with the recommended water pressure regulator. I’ve tried and tried to make this thing work, but unless you constantly are staring at the thermometer and making micro adjustments for hours, it just doesn’t work!I even talked to someone at the retailer where I bought the T500 and they admitted that it took a lot of constant attention. We are talking about stand/sitting in one spot for at least 5 hours!The first unit I received leaked vapor from around the top and was told by someone from Still Spirits, who clearly doesn’t understand how these things work, that it is designed to vent at the top, ok! My second unit didn’t spew vapor from the top but, like I said before, needs constant attention, so much that I just shut it down half way through and reran the mash through my copper pot still.Don’t buy this garbage!!!

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